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Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) questioned Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing

My apology, Mr. Crane. I will do push-ups for you. Push them out, sir. We’ll give you seven seconds back. All right, thank you, Secretary Mayarkas, for appearing before our committee. I know it’s been a tough day for you. I want to start my comments by looking at the causation of this crisis at our Southern border. It wasn’t more than a couple of years ago during the Democratic primary that your boss, now President Biden, said during a debate, “We’re a nation that says, if you want to flee, you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.” Everybody with a brain saw this coming, sir. We all saw this coming. We saw this president during his race roll out the red carpet. We knew what it was going to cause. We shouted it from the rooftops, and now it’s here, and you all want to act like it’s something else. You all want to act like you didn’t invite this, and you most certainly did, sir.

You said in your opening statements that you’re attacking cartels and smugglers in an unequivocal way. You most certainly are not, sir. As a matter of fact, if they were in this room right now, the heads of these cartels, you know what they’d tell us? They’d say, “Hey, re-elect these guys again, and by all means, keep that guy right in his seat because he’s our MVP. He’s making it so easy for us to smuggle drugs, smuggle people, get gangs into this country, distract our border patrol agents, and at the same time, destroy the U.S economy.” So, you’re not doing a good job, sir, and that is why you see that, sir. You see that one on your left? That resolution, those are articles of impeachment that Andy Biggs, Congressman Andy Biggs, and several of us supported.

Now, I’ve never met you before in my life. You and I have no personal beef. There’s no animosity as far as personally. The reason that I agreed to sign on to these articles of impeachment with my colleagues and others is because of the dereliction of duty. You know, I’ve got graphs up here too. You can see these graphs showing what it was like at the border before you got into office and what it’s like now. Here’s the sad thing, sir. These aren’t just graphs. They’re not just numbers that have been thrown at you today. They’re American families. And I’m so glad that my colleague made you or asked you to get up, turn around, and face one of them.

I’m glad that you had to look at something that wasn’t just a data point or a graph, but you actually had to look at a family because there are tens of thousands of them. Seventy thousand because of fentanyl alone. That doesn’t count all the families that have been destroyed by gangsters that have come up through South America or the families that have been destroyed because of sex trafficking. I’m glad you had to face them. You know what, sir? I actually had to face one of them in my district last week. This woman was choking back tears asking me, “Congressman Crane, what are you going to do? My daughter was killed. My beautiful daughter was killed because of Fentanyl.” And I said, “You know what? We’ve drafted articles of impeachment to remove Secretary Mayorkas for his dereliction of duty.”

You know, it’s interesting, sir, because Mr. Higgins, one of my colleagues up here, noticed your smugness. I noticed it too….
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