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North New Jersey

North Jersey  ( include  New York Metropolitan area  ) comprises the northern portions of the U.S. state of New Jersey between the upper Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean.
The designation of northern New Jersey with a distinct toponym is a colloquial one rather than an administrative one, reflecting not only geographical but also perceived cultural differences from the southern part of the state, with no official definition

Two-portion approaches

A broad definition includes all points in New Jersey north of I-295 in the western part of the state and all points north of I-195 in the eastern part of the state. Another definition uses the 1958 telephone area code 201 (not the modern area), and all its additions. Some people, especially residents of the northern tier of counties, use a narrower definition, counting only that area north of the mouth of the Raritan River.

Three-portion approaches 

The state is also sometimes described as having North Jersey and South Jersey separated from each other by Central Jersey.

Generally in this approach, North Jersey is defined as anything north of Exit 10 on the New Jersey Turnpike.

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In 2008 the New Jersey State Department of Tourism divided the state into six tourist regions, of which the Gateway Region  (The Gateway Region is the primary urbanized area of the northeastern section of New Jersey, United States. It is anchored by Newark, the state’s most populous city, and is often also known as the Newark metropolitan area.

The area  encompasses  Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Union and Middlesex counties. It is the most urban part of the state) and the Skylands Region are in North Jersey.

North Jersey counties

The following counties are considered North Jersey.

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