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NYC Mayor Adams’ Statement on Ongoing Protests at Columbia University

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today released the following statement in response to the ongoing protests occurring at Columbia University: “I am horrified and disgusted with the antisemitism being spewed at and around the Columbia University campus — like the example of a young woman holding a sign with an arrow pointing…

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Boosts Pay For 80,000 Human Services Workers With $741 Million Cost-Of-Living Adjustment

First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright: All right, all right! What are we here for? Audience: Just pay! First Deputy Mayor Wright: When do we want it? Audience: Now! First Deputy Mayor Wright: Got it! Done! Good afternoon. I am First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright, and I would like to welcome you today to this wonderful, wonderful day. The sun is…

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NYC Tine Square 2024 December 31 2023

Eric Adams Appears Live On CNBC’s “Squawkbox”

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Welcome back to SquawkBox. President Biden and former President Trump separately visiting and speaking from the U.S.‑Mexico border. That happened yesterday. Biden talked up a border security bill that’s been shunned by many in the House GOP Conference, Trump blaming, though, Biden for the broken state of things, tens of thousands of migrants…

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