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White House. Statement from President Joe Biden on the April Consumer Price Index

President Joe Biden underscored that combatting inflation and cutting expenses remains his foremost economic focus, recognizing the continued hardships faced by numerous families despite advancements. He detailed strategies to combat elevated prices, including the construction of two million new homes, addressing prescription drug expenses, and urging grocery chains to reduce prices. He juxtaposed his approach with the proposals of Congressional Republicans, which he condemned for prioritizing the ultra-wealthy and large corporations over middle-class families, potentially aggravating inflation.


Fighting inflation and lowering costs is my top economic priority. I know many families are struggling, and that even though we’ve made progress we have a lot more to do. Inflation has fallen more than 60% from its peak, and core inflation fell to its lowest level in three years. Prices are still too high—so my agenda will give families breathing room by building two million new homes to lower housing costs, taking on Big Pharma to lower prescription drug prices, and calling on grocery chains making record profits to lower grocery prices for consumers.

Rather than bringing solutions, Congressional Republicans want to increase costs by going back to their same old trickle-down economics. Republicans want to slash taxes for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations, and raise taxes for middle class families. They would protect special interests and Big Pharma, and undermine workers and seniors by slashing Social Security and Medicare. All that would send inflation skyrocketing. I have a different vision for the future: one in which we take on special interests to lower costs and give the middle class a fair shot.

May 15 2024 Washington DC


Critics Warn Biden’s Economic Agenda Could Backfire:
This statement by President Joe Biden appears to offer short-term measures to address inflation and cost-of-living concerns but lacks a comprehensive strategy to address underlying economic challenges. While initiatives like building new homes and reducing prescription drug prices may provide temporary relief, they do not address fundamental issues such as supply chain disruptions or fiscal policy. Additionally, the proposal to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy, while appealing to some, could potentially stifle investment and economic growth, especially at a time when recovery from the pandemic is fragile. Furthermore, the rhetoric of criticizing Congressional Republicans without engaging in bipartisan dialogue risks further polarization and gridlock in economic policymaking, hindering long-term economic stability and growth for both the United States and the global economy.

Sources: Midtown Tribune news – WH.gov
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