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House Republicans refuse to write another blank check for Joe Biden and Extreme Democrats’ woke policies and reckless spending that has destroyed our economy. Washington, September 30, 2023

US Congress. House Republicans Keep Delivering On Our Commitment To America, Rein in Reckless Spending.

Last night, House Republicans passed three Appropriations bills: FY24 Homeland Security,  FY24 Defense, and FY24 State, Foreign Operations, And Related Programs.
These bills help fulfill our Commitment to America – a nation that’s safe, by providing necessary funding to secure our borders, strengthen our national security, and counter Communist China’s aggression, all while cutting billions in waste. 
MAKE NO MISTAKE: House Republicans refuse to write another blank check for Joe Biden and Extreme Democrats’ woke policies and reckless spending that has destroyed our economy. We will continue working on government funding that reins in this reckless spending and puts the priorities of hard working Americans first.
FACTS ABOUT THE FY24 HOMELAND SECURITY APPROPRIATIONS BILL (Courtesy of House Appropriations Republicans): Secures our Southern and Northern border by:
Providing $2.104 billion for construction of physical wall along the southwest border; Providing $496 million for 22,000 Border Patrol Agents, the highest level ever funded;
Restoring border security technology funding to the FY22 level of $276 million; and Forcing Secretary Mayorkas to adhere to the law and build physical barriers immediately.
Removes dangerous criminals by:
Providing $3.550 billion for custody operations, which is more than ever previously appropriated, to fund an average daily ICE detainee population of 41,500; andProviding $655 million to fund transportation and removal operations for removable aliens.Counters Communist China and bolsters national security by:Providing $335 million to procure four additional Coast Guard Fast Response Cutters to counter China in the Indo-Pacific; andProviding $150 million for the purchase of a polar icebreaker to project U.S. sovereignty in the Arctic.Cuts to Wasteful SpendingDefunds the Administration’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that distract from the core mission by ensuring that no funding can be used to carry out the DHS equity action plan or advance critical race theory.No funding for electric vehicles and related infrastructure, saving $97 million from the requested amount and $30 million from the enacted level.No funding for DHS Headquarters consolidation, saving $76 million from the requested amount and $188 million from the enacted level.Rejects funding requested by the Biden Administration that encourages more illegal migration, such as:A third Joint Processing Center for migrants, saving $165 million from the requested amount.Emergency Food and Shelter for migrants, $800 million less than last year’s enacted level.Case Management Pilot Program for migrants, $20 million less than last year’s enacted level.Eliminates the duplicative Office of the Immigration Detention Ombudsman, saving $21 million from the enacted level.Excludes the Administration’s $4.700 billion southwest border contingency slush fund that would have provided funds to process and release more aliens into the country rather than secure the border.FY24  Homeland Security Appropriations Bill Increases Border Patrol Agents to 22,000, which is the highest-ever funding level ($496 million).Ensures wall funding can only be used to build physical barriers by attaching stricter conditions and shorter timelines to put the funds on contract ($2.104 billion).Restores funding reduced by the President’s Budget to border security operations ($300 million).Prohibits funding from being used to label Americans’ constitutionally protected speech as “misinformation.”Includes a prohibition of funding for facilitating abortions for ICE detainees.Includes a prohibition of funding for gender-affirming care, including hormone therapy medication and surgery, for ICE detainees.
Includes provisions that prohibit funding for any company associated with the People’s Liberation Army and for Chinese-made drones.Encourages federal, state, local, and private sector partners to replace communications technology from companies designated as a national security risk.
FACTS ABOUT THE FY24 DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS BILL (Courtesy of House Appropriations Republicans): Prohibits the implementation, administration, or enforcement of the Biden Administration’s executive orders on DEI. 
Defunds the position of Deputy Inspector General for Diversity and Inclusion and Extremism in the Military.Prohibits the use of funds to perform medical procedures that attempt to change an individual’s biological gender.Prohibits the use of funds for events on military installations or as part of recruiting programs that bring discredit upon the military, such as a drag queen story hour for children or the use of drag queens as military recruiters.Prohibits the use of funds to promote or advance Critical Race Theory (CRT).Prohibits censoring constitutionally protected speech of Americans.Includes an increase of 5.2% in basic pay for all military personnel effective January 1, 2024, and additional targeted pay increases for certain enlisted grades.Includes a historic pay increase for junior enlisted servicemembers of an average of 30%. Counters Communist China by:Making a historic investment in security cooperation funding for Taiwan;Supporting training programs for Taiwan, including through the National Guard State Partnership Program.Prioritizing the delivery of defense articles and services to Taiwan.Rejecting the Biden Administration’s inadequate shipbuilding plan by preventing 4 ships from early retirement;Increasing investments in 5th and 6th generation aircraft like the F-35 and Next Generation Air Dominance;Providing over $9 billion for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, which bolsters U.S. military capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region; Innovates and modernizes the Military by:Investing in next-generation fighter aircraft, helicopters, tactical combat vehicles, and submarines;Empowering combatant commanders to quickly obtain the cutting-edge technology and weapons they need and to rapidly get them to the warfighter; andFunding the modernization of the nuclear triad: the B-21 Raider, the Columbia Class Submarine, and Sentinel.Enhances DOD’s role in countering the flow of illicit fentanyl and synthetic opioids by:Providing $1.16 billion for the drug interdiction and counterdrug activities account, which is $275 million above the request;Increasing funding for the National Guard Counterdrug Program;Increasing funding for train and equip programs to counter illicit fentanyl and synthetic opioids and the transnational criminal organizations that contribute to the fentanyl crisis, particularly the Sinaloa and Jalisco drug cartels; andTransferring Mexico from U.S. Northern Command to U.S. Southern Command, which enables better coordination and prioritization.
Supports our national security by:
Providing unwavering support for Israel by including $3.3 billion in Foreign Military Financing Program;
Providing $4.4 billion for United States national security interests in the Indo-Pacific and to counter Communist China’s malign influence, which is $1 billion above the President’s Budget Request;
Including $500 million in Foreign Military Financing Program for Taiwan to strengthen deterrence across the Taiwan Strait and up to $2 billion in loans and loan guarantees for such purpose;Fully funding the Countering People’s Republic of China (PRC) Influence Fund at $400 million;Prohibiting funds for the PRC and the CCP, prohibiting funds for countries to repay Chinese debt, and prohibiting funds for international financial institutions from loans to PRC;Prioritizing funding and policies to combat the flow of fentanyl and other illicit drugs into the United States; andPromoting freedom in the Western Hemisphere, including $30 million for democracy programs for Cuba as the two-year anniversary approaches of the historic uprising by the people of Cuba to demand freedom.Protects life, supports American values, and enhances economic competitiveness by:
Maintaining all long-standing, pro-life protections;
Applying the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy (expanded Mexico City Policy) on all health funds in the Act;Prohibiting funds to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA);Supporting religious freedom programs abroad and religious freedom protections for faith-based organizations delivering foreign aid;Prohibiting funds for the Arms Trade Treaty;Banning “disinformation” and “misinformation” programs that violate the free speech rights of American citizens;
Prohibiting funds for unnecessary regulations and controversial Executive Orders that disadvantage American businesses;
Prioritizing diplomatic engagement to favorably resolve commercial disputes abroad and to promote American business interests overseas; andRefocusing attention on critical diplomatic functions, such as addressing the backlog of passport applications and ensuring the safety and security of our embassies.
Reins in wasteful bureaucracy and enhances oversight and accountability by:Strengthening Congressional oversight of funds provided in the bill and restricting the Administration’s ability to ignore congressional directives to fund an extreme, partisan agenda;Funding the Agencies’ Inspectors General at or above the FY23 enacted levels;Increasing accountability at the United Nations (UN) and other multilateral organizations, including by requiring written agreements for Inspectors General oversight access;Curtailing reprogramming and contingency authorities; andEliminating counterproductive climate programs that harm energy security and economic development in underdeveloped countries, which leaves them even more dependent on United States aid and more vulnerable to the malign activities of the PRC and Russia.Secures the U.S. BorderWithholds 15 percent of the Secretary of State’s budget until Remain in Mexico agreements are implemented, consistent with directives provided in House Republican’s groundbreaking border bill (H.R. 2).Prohibits funds for organizations supporting or facilitating irresponsible migration to the U.S. border.Prohibits funds to establish a Priority 2 refugee eligibility category for foreign nationals temporarily residing at the U.S.-Mexico border as of May 17, 2023.Supports Israel and Addresses Hostile Nations in the RegionFully funds the United States-Israel Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at $3.3 billion.Prohibits funding to implement or enforce any agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program or a renewal of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.Provides no funds for the Palestinian Authority and includes conditions and restrictions to ensure taxpayer funds are not being directed to terrorists or paying prisoners for acts of terrorism.Expands and strengthens vetting related to the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement and engagement in political advocacy.Cracks down on United Nation’s Relief and Works Agency’s (UNRWA) rampant anti-Semitism through a new certification requirement and higher standards of accountability.Prohibits funding for the UN Commission of Inquiry against Israel.Implements new conditionality on anti-Israel actions taken at the International Court of Justice to undermine Israel’s security needs and direct negotiations to resolve final status issues.Prohibits funds from being used to revoke the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.Ensures that no funding may be made available to any organization or entity in Iraq controlled by, or an affiliate of, the Badr Organization or similar entities that are proxies of Iran.FY24 State, Foreign Operations, And Related Programs Appropriations Bill Also:Prohibits funding for Special Envoys, Special Representatives, Special Coordinators and Special Advisors unless such positions are expressly authorized or have affirmatively received the advice and consent of the Senate. This change eliminates 33 Special Envoys and Special Representatives at the Department of State, including the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Special Envoy for Racial Equity and Justice, Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons, Special Envoy for International Labor Affairs, and Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs.Prohibits funds for the Green Climate Fund, Clean Technology Fund, and a soon-to-be- established fund for climate damages.Prohibits the Treasury Department from carrying out the Biden Administration’s climate agenda at the World Bank and other multilateral development banks, which harms developing countries and opens the door to predatory financing from the PRC.Prohibits the Administration’s current practice of co-opting programming, such as that to empower women; advance democracy and freedom; or counter trafficking in persons, to advance its radical global climate change agenda.Prohibits funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the EcoHealth Alliance, any gain-of- function research, and labs in adversarial nations like China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, or Cuba.

US Congress. House Republicans Keep Delivering On Our Commitment To America, Rein in Reckless Spending. Washington, DC September 30, 2032

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