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President Biden’s Border Authorities Must Be Utilized to End the Crisis

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis Calls for Action: These are the authorities President Biden has RIGHT NOW to secure our border as per U.S. Code Title 8 Sections 1225 and 1182.
He has all the authority needed to end the crisis he created.

Eight Authorities President Biden Could Utilize Today to Address the Crisis at the Border

1. End Catch and Release
2.Reinstate Remain in Mexico
3. Enter Into Asylum Cooperative Agreements
4. End Parole Abuses
5. Detain Inadmissible Aliens
6. Use Expedited Removal
7. Reign in Taxpayer-Funded Benefits for Illegal Aliens
8. Issue a Proclamation to Suspend or Restrict Entry

Source: Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis – Midtown Tribune News
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