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Founder of The Weather Channel: There’s No Global Warming!

Founder of The Weather Channe John Colemanl Destroys CNN and Democratic Party: ‘Hello, Everybody! There’s No Global Warming!’ The climate change debate continues to be a hotly contested topic, with opinions and beliefs varying greatly. One notable voice in this debate is John Coleman, co-founder of The Weather Channel and former weatherman, who believes that climate…

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A business networking event and a free consultation with an attorney A business attorney Ekaterina Mouratova, Esq. (author of the book “Business Law for Enterpreneurs” ISBN 978-0-9890498-9-4 ) will be present to explore any legal issues pertaining to your business or start-up and answer all relevant questions in a casual atmosphere. It’s an opportunity to speak with…

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Fat Reduction New York – FatReductionNewYork.com

NY Fat Reduction fatreductionnewyork.com Bronx; Fat and cellulite reduction Staten Island Fat reduction BrooklynFat reduction Manhattan Lipomassage LPG Queens   Title: Achieve Your Fat Reduction Goals in New York: Exploring Effective Methods in 2012 Introduction:In 2012, the pursuit of fat reduction and achieving a healthy body took center stage in New York. This article delves…

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