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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Holds Public Hearing for Intro. 844-A

Mayor Eric Adams: Good morning, good morning, New York City. Today I hold a hearing on a bill that establishes an Office of Healthcare Accountability. Here in New York City, we believe that healthcare is a human right, not a privilege, and we are committed to ensuring that all New Yorkers, regardless of their immigration status or income, can get the care they need. We know that many New Yorkers, working New Yorkers in particular, are struggling and living from paycheck to paycheck. They shouldn’t have to break the bank to get the healthcare they need, and New Yorkers’ credit cards shouldn’t determine their healthcare access. We want to make sure that there is cost transparency in our healthcare system.

Intro. 844-A establishes an Office of Healthcare Accountability that provides recommendations relating to city healthcare and hospital cost. So I want to thank the Speaker Adrienne Adams, Council Member Julie Menin, our friends in labor, this is something they fought for, they believed was important, and we share that belief. This includes 32BJ, DC 37, and others that help support this legislation. Now I invite the public to comment. Seeing no members of the public want to comment, we want to thank all for attending this important bill signing to sign Intro. 884-A. At a later date, we will do the actual signing. Thank you very much.
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