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New York State Governor Hochul Announces $8.7 Million in Stolen Vehicles and Parts Recovered for New Yorkers

Governor Kathy Hochul announced today that DMV investigators recovered 286 stolen vehicles valued at nearly $8.6 million and another $152,000 in stolen auto parts in 2023, as the State ramps up efforts to crack down on skyrocketing auto thefts. The recoveries are up 19 percent from the $7.3 million recovered in 2022, and a 67 percent increase from the $5.2 million recovered in 2021.

“Keeping New Yorkers safe is my top priority,” Governor Hochul said. “I launched the Comprehensive Auto-Theft Reduction Strategy to support our law enforcement and protect New Yorkers from theft, and these investments are paying off.”

In addition to the 286 vehicles recovered, DMV investigators recovered 157 auto parts, nearly twice the number of parts recovered in 2022.

Vehicles Recovered by Region

RegionVehicles recovered
Capital Region16
Finger Lakes17
New York City142
Central NY12
Long Island42
Mohawk Valley3
Western NY29

Recognizing the significant increase in vehicle thefts in New York State and across the country, Governor Hochul initiated a five-point plan called the Comprehensive Auto-Theft Reduction Strategy (CARS).

Highlights of the campaign include:

  • $5 million for prevention programs for teens and young adults in the most impacted areas across the State.
  • New York State Police ramped up enforcement in high-theft areas, and district attorneys will receive federal help in prosecuting the large number of cases.
  • New York State launched a new website as part of a public awareness campaign in an effort to provide resources and education that will help New Yorkers take their own measures to prevent auto theft. It can be found at this link: www.governor.ny.gov/programs/taking-action-against-car-theft
  • The Governor and New York State DMV sent a letter to each New Yorker who owns a Kia or Hyundai to inform them of the increase specific to their vehicle and advise them of tools available free of charge to help prevent their car form being stolen.
  • The Governor sent a letter to each regional Auto Dealers Association alerting them to the campaign.

DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder said, “In the wake of a surge in motor vehicle thefts, our Division of Field Investigations stepped up to protect consumers and help them recover their stolen property. Governor Hochul’s detailed plan to address car thefts in New York is having a real impact and DMV is proud to play a part in addressing this pervasive problem in our communities.”

In support of the Governor’s plan to protect New Yorkers, the DMV also helped both Kia and Hyundai promote free repair clinics for impacted vehicle owners. These clinics were hosted by the auto manufacturers in the city of Rochester, one of the areas with the highest rate of auto thefts, to give vehicle owners an opportunity to get a software update that will protect their cars from theft. The State has also supported nationwide outreach to Kia and Hyundai owners about the significant rise in thefts of those vehicle makes, and promoted auto theft prevention tips from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Division of Criminal Justice Services Commissioner Rossana Rosado said, “Governor Hochul’s targeted, multi-faceted plan to improving public safety addresses the root causes of crime, and focuses on the use of technology and evidence-based practices to drive down crime. This approach is working and I commend our local and state partners for the significant progress they have made to address vehicle thefts statewide.”

New York State Police Acting Superintendent Dominick L. Chiumento said, “We applaud Governor Hochul for her support of resources to combat this serious problem. Through targeted, intelligence driven enforcement, and leveraging innovative technologies, we are catching these criminals. Together with our law enforcement and agency partners we are reducing the number of vehicle thefts and dismantling these auto theft crime rings.”

New Yorkers can report a stolen vehicle to State Police or local law enforcement, and information about stolen and recovered vehicles is available on the DMV website including what to do if your vehicle license plates are stolen.

Impact of CARS

State and local data demonstrated that that motor vehicle thefts was the only crime category that increased in 2023. In New York City, motor vehicle thefts were up 15 percent year over year and 191percent compared to the pre-pandemic baseline. Across the rest of New York, motor vehicle thefts increased 67 percent year over year in 2023 and 188 percent compared to the pre-pandemic baseline. Outside New York City, the most impacted areas of the State were Monroe and Erie counties. Almost two thirds of motor vehicle thefts occurred in these two counties. Roughly 50 percent of all motor vehicle thefts occurred in two cities, Rochester and Buffalo.

Since the implementation of CARS in September 2023, motor vehicle thefts are down 50 percent in Rochester and down 45 percent in Buffalo compared to the prior four-month period. State data indicates there have been similar reductions in Monroe and Erie counties. New York State will continue to monitor the progress of this initiative, and provide whatever resources are needed to deter and prosecute automotive theft.

January 31 2024 Albany New York

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