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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces “Text With Eric,” New Initiative To Communicate Directly With New Yorkers Via SMS

Presidents Biden and Obama, Others Have Also Used Community Platform to Facilitate Two-Way Communication with Constituents

New Yorkers Can Sign up to Text With Mayor Adams Online

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced “Text with Eric,” a new initiative that will facilitate two-way communication directly with New Yorkers via text message about updates from the administration and services the administration has unlocked for New Yorkers. People who sign up will receive SMS communications directly from the Adams administration with information about new initiatives and policies, local events, and more, and will be able to respond themselves to share their thoughts with the city. These messages will be facilitated through Community, an SMS engagement platform, which is also used by President Joseph Biden, former President Barack Obama, and many other notable figures, companies, and organizations.

“Hit me up, New York — I’m at 917-909-2288,” said Mayor Adams. “We want to hear from you about how the city is doing, and we want to let you know about all the great things happening across the five boroughs. This is the most accessible administration in history, and we’re excited to be in touch with you in so many ways.”

“News organizations are realizing all the ways they can utilize 21st century technology and how they can adapt to meet their consumers where they are. It’s time our city government does the finally does the same,” said Deputy Mayor for Communications Fabien Levy. “We’re committed to speaking to New Yorkers everywhere we can about all that is going on in the greatest city in the world. And this new platform will allow us to do just that, while helping us get the feedback we need to deliver the best product we can to our city’s residents.”

“This administration is constantly pursuing new avenues to use technology to communicate directly with New Yorkers on issues that matter to them,” said New York City Chief Technology Officer Matthew Fraser. “Today’s launch of ‘Text with Eric’ marks a bold next step in these efforts, ensuring that news straight from the source is readily available at our residents’ fingertips. I am proud to support this effort to raise awareness of all the great work this administration is getting done on behalf of New Yorkers.”

Today’s announcement builds on a series of actions taken to fulfill Mayor Adams’ vision of making the Adams administration the most accessible administration in city history. Earlier this year, Mayor Adams launched “Hear from Eric,” an email-based direct communications program designed to reach New Yorkers where they are about local issues and priorities. He also kicked off “Talk with Eric,” the administration’s second series of at least nine community town halls following last year’s successful series of eight “Community Conversations on Public Safety.” Additionally, Mayor Adams hosted his first episode of “Hear from the Mayor” — a live, call-in radio show where New Yorkers can discuss issues they care about with the mayor — in July, and further episodes will air semi-regularly. Finally, Mayor Adams has also hosted 14 episodes of the “Get Stuff Done-Cast,” a podcast where he highlights the amazing things New Yorkers from all walks of life are doing to push New York City forward every day.

One of Mayor Adams’ key priorities for 2023 is ensuring that New Yorkers can access the services that the administration secured for them in 2022, and a select list of several of the administration’s 2022 accomplishments are available online. Notably, Mayor Adams secured $4 billion in funding for child care and significantly increased benefits that single parents and married couples receive from the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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