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Judicial Watch President Assesses Crisis in Biden White House

Judicial Watch president discusses the crisis in the Biden White House, highlighting the special counsel report alleging Biden’s criminal activity but not recommending prosecution due to his purported memory issues. The report also reveals double standards in the treatment of Trump and Biden by the Justice Department.

Facts from the Judicial Watch video

  • 🔍 Special counsel’s report alleges Joe Biden committed a crime but won’t be prosecuted due to purported memory issues.
  • 🔍 Report confirms Justice Department’s dual standards in handling Trump and Biden.
  • 🔍 Biden accused of retaining and disclosing classified materials after his vice presidency.
  • 🔍 Justice Department cites Biden’s memory limitations as a reason for not prosecuting him.
  • 🔍 Reagan’s precedent in mishandling classified documents contrasts with Biden’s case.
  • 🔍 Biden reacts defensively to allegations regarding his memory and competence.
  • 🔍 Biden criticized for adopting an anti-Israel stance amid the crisis.

Source: Judicial Watch

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