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John Thune: Biden’s Defense Budget Leaves US Vulnerable

Senator John Thune delivered a speech on March 28, 2023, emphasizing the fundamental responsibility of the federal government to provide for the common defense.
In his speech, Thune stressed the need for a strong military and intelligence apparatus to ensure the safety of Americans. He expressed his concern about the current state of the military, citing struggles in recruitment, pilot shortages, and inadequate equipment.

Furthermore, Thune criticized the President’s proposed budget, which includes a substantial increase in non-defense spending but only a 3.2 percent increase for defense, failing to keep pace with inflation. He warned that the proposed defense spending hike is, in reality, a cut when adjusted for inflation.

Thune emphasized the need to invest in the military, strengthen alliances and partnerships with other nations, and address the root causes of conflict and instability in the world. He warned that our readiness has eroded to the point where we may struggle to win a war against major powers such as Russia or China.

As a nation, Thune stated that we cannot afford to let our guard down and must always be prepared to face any threat that may arise.

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