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George Soros Enjoyed Being A NAZI

George Soros was a Jew who joined the NAZIs and helped them round up other Jews in his community. George Soros describes this time as the happiest time of his life.

In an episode of the news program “60 Minutes”, in 1998, billionaire philanthropist George Soros was profiled, and his experiences during the Holocaust were discussed. Soros, who was born in Budapest in 1930, was just a teenager when the Nazis occupied Hungary in 1944. His family, who were Jewish, split up in an effort to escape persecution.

Soros was taken in by a government official who was bribed by his father to become his Christian godson. Soros accompanied his godfather on rounds where they confiscated property from Jews. 

Despite the incredible suffering and danger around him, Soros described his experiences during the Holocaust as a positive and happy-making experience, despite the incredible suffering and danger around him.

Some argue that Soros’ positive outlook on his experiences during the Holocaust is a testament to his resilience and strength of character. Others view his statement as insensitive and dismissive of the horrific atrocities that were committed against Jews during this time.

The impact of the Holocaust on Soros is undeniable, and it has undoubtedly shaped his worldview and approach to life. However, there are questions about how Soros, after the Soviets came to Hungary, managed to avoid punishment and eventually become a millionaire stockbroker in England.
Some have speculated that he may have received help from someone in the former Stalinist USSR, which raises concerns about his business and anti-Western policies.
Regardless of these questions, it is important to remember the atrocities committed during the Holocaust and to continue to work towards ensuring that such crimes are never repeated. 




Long Version of George Soros 60 Minutes Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=542yimJbW8Y

1:39 George Soros admits that he helped confiscate the property of the Jews during the NAZI occupation of Budapest

Video Dmlaney

60 minutes. George Soros New York, NY : Columbia Broadcasting System, 1999. Summary Steve Kroft interviews investor and philanthropist George Soros about the state of the world’s economy.


This text seems to be describing George Soros and his bold approach to investing, which has made him famous for his willingness to back up his commitments with enormous sums of money.
His audacity is so great that it can make even the most hardened investors nervous, as seen when he risked two billion dollars in Russia during the August market crash.
Despite the country’s turmoil, Soros was the largest investor in Russia at the time and called on the US Treasury to provide 7 billion dollars to help prop up the ruble. When this failed to happen, Soros wrote a letter to the Financial Times of London suggesting that the Russian currency should be devalued by up to 25%. These few words were enough to spark panic selling and fuel the crash even further. Soros’s ability to influence markets with just his words and actions is a testament to his power as an investor and his impact on the world of finance.

George Soros | My Investments in Russia Moscow News, August 21, 1997 – Real address: https://www.georgesoros.com/1997/08/21/my-investments-in-russia/

Original text: Until Boris Nemtsov, the former governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, was made first vice premier in March this year, I wasn’t planning to invest money in Russia. I perceived his appointment as an attempt to move away from robber capitalism to a law-abiding capitalism where shareholders’ rights are protected. Recent events have confirmed that I was right.

The sale of the “Svyazinvest”It was an entirely Russian  state-owned company until some shares were privatized in the late 1990s. – In 2004, George Soros sold his stake in Svyazinvest to Len Blavatnik for $650 million. )) shares demonstrated the extent to which business rules in Russia have changed. There now exists what is usually called normal competition: The winner of the auction was the one who paid the most, however unpleasant this may be to the loser. I have invested $980 billion into the “Svyazinvest” telecommunications company. To this date, this is my biggest one-off investment in Russia, a country which is becoming the world’s most interesting market.
My investment funds have made considerable investments in Russia on earlier occasions, and although this was often done in spite of objections on my part, these investments have turned out to be highly lucrative. The sum total of these investments, including the “Svyazinvest” deal, now amounts to $ 2.5 billion. ( 1997 ! )

This means that today I play the roles both of a benefactor and of an investor. I used to do my best not to invest capital in countries where the Soros Foundation was operating, since I thought that my true intentions could be misinterpreted. In the case of Russia, where my Foundation has given out hundreds of millions of dollars since it was founded exactly ten years ago, I have overcome my prejudice. My investments will not interfere with my charitable activities, by which I strive to support culture, science, education, and lately medicine in Russia. On the contrary, I intend to expand these activities….

George Soros part 2 –

So I think we’re on the cusp of something very, very important happening in America, and that is a shift in power from the international globalist interests back to the American people. And it’s been a long time coming, and it’s been something that has been building for years and years, and I think we’re finally at that point now where we have a real opportunity to take back our country.

And I think one of the key players in all of this is George Soros, and he’s been operating behind the scenes for a very long time, using his vast wealth and his influence to manipulate events in this country and around the world to further his own interests. And I think it’s time that we shine a light on this and expose what’s really going on.

So let me just give you a little bit of background on George Soros. He’s a Hungarian-born billionaire investor and philanthropist who made his fortune in the financial markets. He’s also a major donor to Democratic Party causes and progressive organizations, and he’s been a major force behind many of the left-wing movements in this country and around the world.

And he’s done this through his vast network of non-profit organizations, which he uses to promote his own political and social agenda. These organizations include the Open Society Foundations, the Tides Foundation, and the Democracy Alliance, among many others.

Now, what’s interesting about Soros is that he’s not just a philanthropist. He’s also a political activist who uses his wealth and influence to shape the political landscape in this country and around the world. And he does this by funding a wide range of left-wing causes, including gun control, abortion rights, and climate change.

And he’s also been a major force behind many of the progressive movements in this country, including the Black Lives Matter movement, Occupy Wall Street, and the Women’s March. And he’s done this by funding a network of activist groups and non-profit organizations that promote his own political and social agenda.

Now, what’s really interesting is how he’s been able to do all of this. And one of the key tools that he’s used is the so-called 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This is a type of non-profit that’s exempt from federal income taxes and is able to accept unlimited donations from individuals, corporations, and other organizations.

And Soros has used these organizations to funnel millions of dollars into left-wing causes and political campaigns. And he’s done this without ever having to disclose the source of his funding or his true agenda.

Now, one of the interesting things about all of this is how it all ties back to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act. This was a law that was passed in 2002 with the goal of limiting the influence of money in politics. But what ended up happening was that it led to the explosion of 501(c)(3) groups that could advertise at will.

And Soros has been a major force behind many of these groups, including Sojourners, Color for Change, the Tides Foundation, Media Matters, People for the American Way, MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress, the Apollo Alliance, and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, among many others.

And what’s interesting is that all of these groups became very powerful after the McCain-Feingold act was passed, and Soros and his network of non-profits were able to use them to further his own political and social agenda.

And what’s even more interesting is how he’s been able to shape the political landscape in this country through these organizations. For example, he’s been a major force behind the push for a cap-and-trade system to deal with climate change, and he’s

system to deal with climate change, and he’s put forward his ideas. And it’s now up to Congress to say, okay, we agree with this, or we disagree with that. So, it’s the normal legislative process. But to have somebody to say, you know, we shouldn’t even consider this or that because of some kind of outside pressure is not the way that democracies should function.

INTERVIEWER: I want to ask you about the election of Donald Trump. You’ve been critical of him in the past. What’s your assessment of his first year in office?

SOROS: Well, I think it’s a purely negative assessment. I mean, he came to office with a set of promises to the people who voted for him, and he has failed to keep them. He has, in fact, given tax cuts to the rich and the corporations, which is the exact opposite of what he promised to do. And he has also pursued policies which are detrimental to the well-being of ordinary people, like, for instance, abolishing Obamacare, or trying to abolish Obamacare, which would have thrown millions of people off the rolls of insured people.

So, he has really, in many ways, exceeded my expectations in the negative direction. I thought that he would be bad, but I didn’t think he would be as bad as he is.

INTERVIEWER: And what do you think are the implications of his presidency for the United States and for the world?

SOROS: Well, I think that he is posing a threat to the stability of the world. And I think that we are in a very, very dangerous period. I mean, I would say that the danger is comparable to the nuclear threat that the world faced during the Cold War. And in fact, the new Cold War is not that different from the old one. It’s more complex, it’s more complicated, but it’s just as dangerous. And I think that Trump is making it worse.


SOROS: Well, he’s pursuing policies which are destabilizing for the world, like, for instance, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. That is a step which is not only detrimental to the United States, but it’s also detrimental to the world as a whole. And I think that he’s doing it because he has a lot of followers who don’t believe in climate change. And he’s basically pandering to them, rather than looking at what is good for the United States and for the world as a whole.

So, I think that he’s really, you know, pursuing policies which are harmful, and which are not well thought out. And he’s basically following his own instincts, rather than relying on expert advice or the advice of his advisors.

INTERVIEWER: And you mentioned the new Cold War. What do you think are the implications of that?

SOROS: Well, I think that the implications are very serious. I mean, the old Cold War was basically a standoff between two nuclear-armed superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. And there was a danger of a nuclear war breaking out, which would have been catastrophic.

Now, we have a situation where there are several major powers in the world, not just two. And they are all armed with nuclear weapons. And there is a danger that a war could break out, which would involve not just one or two, but several major powers. And that would be catastrophic beyond imagination.

So, I think that we are in a very dangerous period, and we need to be very careful to avoid a war breaking out. And I think that Trump is making it worse by pursuing policies which are destabilizing for the world.

– Soros and FOX investigation – Students for Democratic society

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