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FORBES NEWS: I Know George Soros Very Well

Forbes news – ‘I Know George Soros Very Well’: Viktor Orbán Slams Open Society Founder. At CPAC Texas 2022, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán slammed George Soros and the progressive left. Wall against illegal migration.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas where he criticized progressive billionaire George Soros for his support of migrants. Orban argued that western civilization must maintain its Judeo-Christian heritage and that the left’s plans to create a post-western world would be detrimental to society as a whole. He urged conservatives to fight back against this idea and to revitalize cultural institutions, such as churches, families, universities, and community organizations.

Orban has been a vocal critic of migration and has implemented policies in Hungary to curb illegal migration. He pointed to Hungary’s example of building a wall and holding a referendum to reject migration as a way to combat this issue. In his speech, Orban emphasized the importance of preserving a nation’s cultural identity and suggested that the left’s focus on diversity was misguided.

Orban’s remarks were met with both support and criticism. Some saw his stance as promoting xenophobia and nationalism, while others applauded his efforts to protect Hungary’s cultural heritage. Regardless of one’s opinion on Orban’s policies, his speech highlights an ongoing debate about the role of cultural identity in today’s globalized world.

The idea of a post-western world, where cultural diversity and globalism are prioritized over traditional Western values, has gained traction in recent years. Some believe that this shift is necessary to promote equality and inclusivity, while others argue that it could lead to a loss of cultural identity and a weakening of Western societies.

Orban’s speech suggests that he falls firmly in the latter camp. He believes that a strong cultural identity is essential for Western civilization to thrive and that efforts to create a post-western world would be detrimental to society. To counter this trend, he called on conservatives to focus on revitalizing cultural institutions and protecting Western values.

Regardless of one’s opinion on this issue, Orban’s speech serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate about cultural identity in today’s globalized world. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the question of how to balance cultural diversity with a strong national identity will continue to be an important one.


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