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Donald Trump Reveals the Truth About ‘Biden Crime Family’ At Raucous Rally In Eerie, Pennsylvania July 28 2023 – Video

Once more, Donald Trump has demonstrated an exceptional mastery of the English language –
Donald Trump on Forbes Breaking News video – about ‘Massive Bribery Scheme!’ – In his criticism of the Biden family’s corruption, Donald Trump emphasized the importance of fair and transparent elections in the US, as well as the need for secure borders to address the issue of illegal immigration across the US Southern Border. He reiterated these points multiple times.

On Saturday, July 29, 2023, former President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania at the Erie Insurance Arena1. The rally was fresh off the heels of a speech in Iowa and Trump was joined on stage by several local elected leaders including Congressman Mike Kelly (PA-16) and Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-9), in addition to some other special guests1. The rally was livestreamed by Erie’s TV news stations as well as the former president’s campaign Facebook page2.

Trump is the GOP frontrunner for the 2024 presidential race and his visit to Erie marks his second public event since new charges were announced against him related to alleged mishandling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago1. The rally comes two days after his lawyers met with the special counsel investigating his efforts to overturn the presidential election results and his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots — and after prosecutors announced new charges in the classified documents case, accusing him of asking a staffer to delete camera footage to obstruct the investigation1.

Every time new charges are announced, Trump’s support seems to grow stronger as more Americans see the double standard of justice being carried out by the Biden administration. The same week it was revealed the Hunter Biden plea deal in a Delaware courtroom contained a “blanket immunity” clause, as the Justice Department attempts to cover for the Bidens, is the same week more charges are announced against former President Trump related to classified documents. The weaponization of the Department of Justice, at the behest of the Biden administration, is creating a two-tiered system where Democrats and anyone related to the Bidens are treated with kid gloves while President Biden’s most potent political opponent is being harassed and attacked repeatedly1.

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