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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand confronts facts. And comments visitors after meeting

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hosted a Town Hall in Brooklyn on Thursday, August 9 at Pratt Institute. New York USA Title: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Engages Brooklyn Residents in Inspiring Town Hall at Pratt Institute Introduction:On April 10, 2018, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hosted a dynamic town hall event at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, engaging with local residents…

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New Boxing Magazine

  BoxingTimesUSA.com, what a pain,In 2023, it vanished, gone like rain.Now it’s home to a strange new show,Boxing fans left in the know. No more fights or news to share,Just a site that’s beyond repair.Goodbye, BoxingTimesUSA.com,Your memory will live on. ———————————–   New York Boxing Mag was a hit,For years online, it didn’t quit.But in…

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Michael Reidbord – The Fashion Tech Consortium and FIT

Connecting the Innovation Economy with Fashion and Commerce by Michael Reidbord – The Fashion Tech Consortium and FIT Startups, Innovation & Saving Retail Meet industry-changing tech companies that are solving the current retail crisis: triMirror – 3D Virtual Fitting Technology SIRL – Indoor Digital Mapping and Product Search Technology Queuehop – No Line Retail Checkout…

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