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Breaking News: Trump Investigation Reaches Critical Turning Point as Manhattan Grand Jury Hears Final Witnesses in Manhattan

“Grand Jury Investigation of Trump Nears End, Lawyers Struggle to Keep Up With Endless Hush Money and Porn Star Drama!

As the Trump investigation enters its final phase, tensions are high and so are the stakes for the 2024 presidential race. Amidst all the legal chaos, lawyers are sprinting around like headless chickens, trying to keep up with new testimony from Robert Costello, the lawyer who claims to have the inside scoop on Michael Cohen’s credibility.

Apparently, Cohen was available to rebut the testimony for over two hours, but lawyers were too busy scrambling around trying to keep up with Costello’s bombshell information to notice. Costello, who has a history with Cohen, appeared to offer some exculpatory information about Trump and threw Cohen under the bus in the process.

Now, it’s anyone’s guess what the grand jury will decide, but one thing’s for sure: this investigation is one heck of a ride. Stay tuned, folks – the drama never ends!”
Video ABC7NY NEW YORK – TrampsNews.com

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