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Barge hits side of Brooklyn Bridge

A crane crashed into New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge, cracking and splitting a steel beam on the landmark. The crane was being transported on a barge passing through the East River. Despite the impact, the bridge hasn’t sustained any structural damage. The footage shows a barge passing under the bridge, seemingly getting the crane atop it caught on the track system underneath the significant landmark. According to the Coast Guard Operations Unit, the damage was caused when “A crane barge was traveling underneath the bridge and a crane struck a track under the bridge”. The New York City Fire Department inspected the incident and concluded that the crane “Didn’t impact the integrity” of the bridge.
Authorities determined the impact did not affect the integrity of the structure.
Video the independent

Don’t look like no dent to me more like an IBeam torn in half
Well thank god we hire more diverse construction workers like Pete bootyjudge said as opposed to the qualified workers.

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