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Asylum seeker charged with murder after stabbing – Video ABC7NY

An asylum seeker has been accused of fatally injuring another individual at the migrant shelter on Randall’s Island.

On Randall’s Island (Manhattan), an incident occurred around 7:30 pm January 6, 2024, resulting in an asylum seeker being charged with murder. According to the police, two men were involved in the altercation at a migrant center, during which one of them inflicted a stabbing wound to the chest of the other. The victim, 24-year-old Dafren Canisales, was transported to a local hospital, where his death was subsequently confirmed. Moises Coronado, 27 years old, was apprehended and officially charged with murder on Sunday.
Randalls Island and Wards Island, together known as Randalls and Wards Islands, are contiguous islands situated in New York County, within New York City. They are delineated from Manhattan Island by the Harlem River, from Queens by the East River and Hell Gate, and from the Bronx by the Bronx Kill.

Video: Eyewitness News ABC7NY Source: abc7ny.com/nyc-crime-asylum-seeker-murder-migrants/14289204/
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