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4 Emergency Executive Orders from the Mayor of New York in One Day

  • Emergency Executive Order 346 WHEREAS, over the past several months, thousands of asylum seekers have been arriving in New York City, from the Southern border, without having any immediate plans for shelter Emergency Executive Order 346>>>
  • Emergency Executive Order 347 WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted New York City and its economy, and is addressed effectively only by joint action of the City, State, and Federal governments; Emergency Executive Order 347>>>
  • Emergency Executive Order 348 WHEREAS, the public safety was imperiled by a flash flood emergency caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida that flooded roads, impacted mass transit, stranded motorists, and caused widespread damage to resident…Emergency Executive Order 348>>>
  • Emergency Executive Order 349 WHEREAS, on September 2, 2021, the federal monitor in the Nunez use-of-force class action stated steps must be taken immediately to address the conditions in the New York City jails; and Emergency Executive Order 349>>>
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