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The Harlem River Greenway Expansion: A Wheely Big Deal!

On the Harlem River, a greenway grows,.
Expanding north, to the Bronx it goes,
With Adams leading the way,
Bikers and walkers can come out to play.

New York City Mayor Adams has just announced plans to expand the Harlem River Greenway into the Bronx, a move that has been met with widespread excitement and enthusiasm. The expansion will create new green spaces and bike paths, and will provide residents with greater access to recreational resources and transportation options. With the success of the Bronx River Greenway, which has been a major success in creating new parkland and connecting previously separated neighborhoods, the expansion of the Harlem River Greenway is expected to bring similar benefits to communities around the Harlem River.

The project has been welcomed by a range of organizations and groups, including the Bronx River Alliance, the Randall’s Island Park Alliance, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. The development of accessible waterfront green spaces for the west Bronx is a major win for local residents, and will create new opportunities for walking, running, and biking. The expansion of the greenway is also expected to lead to robust growth in bike commuting and recreational Citi Biking, which has become increasingly popular in the city since the pandemic.

With the continued progress on projects like the East Midtown Greenway and the support of legislation requiring a regularly updated city greenway plan, the Adams administration is showing its commitment to creating a healthier and greener New York City. The expansion of the Harlem River Greenway to the Bronx is an exciting development for the city, and we look forward to seeing the ideas that local residents have for making this space their own.
Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!
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