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Dueling protests outside Trump Tower

Former President Donald Trump Surrenders in Manhattan for Arraignment on Criminal Charges – Historic Moment in US History Unfolds Today marks a historic moment in US history as Donald Trump becomes the first former president to face criminal charges. The charges stem from 2016 hush money payments and Trump is currently surrendering in a New…

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The Harlem River Greenway Expansion: A Wheely Big Deal!

On the Harlem River, a greenway grows,. Expanding north, to the Bronx it goes, With Adams leading the way, Bikers and walkers can come out to play. New York City Mayor Adams has just announced plans to expand the Harlem River Greenway into the Bronx, a move that has been met with widespread excitement and…

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Mayor Adams Delivers Remarks At Un Commemorating International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimination

March 21, 2023 “Mayor Adams’ plan is no joke, To end hate crimes, he won’t provoke. With dinners and conversations galore, We’ll unite and fight discrimination to the core!”Mayor Eric Adams took to the stage with a powerful speech that left many feeling inspired and hopeful. He started by acknowledging the monumental work that still…

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Breaking News: Trump Investigation Reaches Critical Turning Point as Manhattan Grand Jury Hears Final Witnesses in Manhattan

“Grand Jury Investigation of Trump Nears End, Lawyers Struggle to Keep Up With Endless Hush Money and Porn Star Drama! As the Trump investigation enters its final phase, tensions are high and so are the stakes for the 2024 presidential race. Amidst all the legal chaos, lawyers are sprinting around like headless chickens, trying to…

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